Owner of Starrbuds spent a large majority of his career in the construction industry. At one point he owned and operated his own company building various types of structures. Towards the end of his construction career he started building greenhouses. During the spring of each year he would place a greenhouse in a local home and garden expo. Several times they were approached by people who were curious about growing medical herbs in the greenhouses. After doing much research and learning more about the benefits of medical herbs Glenn decided to investigate the industry further to understand what it would take to be a grower.
Glenn and his wife studied through reading and talking with others in the industry and began to understand what it would take to set up and start this business. In 2008 they set up a small grow at their home. They learned, by trial and error along with all the trials and tribulations of growing these plants. They have experienced most of the problems associated with growing from mites, thrips, mildew, and equipment malfunctions to name just a few. As the years went by they learned from their experiences which lead them to develop a program that now produces high quality product.
Upon the passing of I-182 Glenn and his wife decided the time was right to transition their current delivery service to a store front. In January of 2017, with much excitement they opened Starrbuds in Missoula, Montana.
They are both grateful to be in this industry and are committed to being strong advocates for the people’s choice and right to manage their medical care.